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Populations: Interactions and Evolution

10-14 September, 2018

The gathering theme of the conference is the modelling of systems of interacting individuals. One of the main fields of application is the understanding of the dynamics of a population from an ecological or evolutionary point of view. 2018 has been declared « Year of Mathematical Biology » by the EMS and ESMTB, thereby celebrating the recent significant developments at the interface between mathematics and biology. In this spirit, the conference aims at mixing different scientific communities linked to the mathematical modelling of interacting systems: probabilists and analysts (PDE) interested in biology models, theoretical biologists and probabilists working on individual-based models of populations with interactions in other contexts (statistical mechanics, particle representations for PDE, ...).

The conference will be the occasion to highlight the deep contribution of Sylvie Méléard to different mathematical approaches developped for the study of evolving systems of particles/individuals in interaction, at the occasion of her 60th birthday.

Organisers: Vincent Bansaye and Amandine Véber (Ecole polytechnique)

Contact: amandine.veber "youknowwhat"

With the support of:


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