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Amandine Véber

CNRS Senior Researcher in Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling in Biology at MAP5 (Univ. Paris Cité)

Open science :

The SMAI & EDP Sciences journals in applied maths transition to open access under a collaborative publication model without author publication charges : more here.

Mathematics and modelling at the interface with life, human and earth sciences :

Mathematical Modelling and Biodiversity: a chair program involving Ecole Polytechnique, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Veolia Environnement and Fondation X (website in French).

MODCOV19: a platform to coordinate French modelling actions in response to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis (website in French).

Institute of Mathematics for Planet Earth: a new institute to foster collaborations at the interface between mathematics and earth, life and human sciences (website in French).

Action Coordonnée "Modelling of infectious diseases" of ANRS - MIE: a research network on modelling of the dynamics of communicable diseases (website in French).


Research Interests

I work on stochastic processes, all of them being more or less linked to population and transmission models:

  • Exchangeable coalescents and coalescing Lévy processes,

  • Spatial population genetics models (spatial Lambda-Fleming-Viot process in particular),

  • Statistical aspects (inference, in particular) of these models,

  • Measure-valued stochastic population models with various applications in biology, chemistry, ...

  • Models of resource sharing in communication networks.

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